Outside Micrometer
Slip Gauges (metric)
(As Per IS:2984)
Plunger Dial Gauges
(Resolution.Of 0.01,0.001,0.002mm)
Thread Ring Gauge
(GO & NOGO ) up to 200mm
Radius Gauge
Measuring Tapes /Steel Scales

Available Calibration Services :
Outside Micrometer upto1500mm
Comparator Stand
Depth Micrometer up to 300mm
Tri Square
Inside Micrometer up to 300mm
Dial Calibration Tester
Thread Pitch Micrometer up to 100mm
Electronic Dial Calibration Tester up to 25mm
Passometer (up to 100mm)
Linear Probe up to 25mm
Vernier Calipers up to 1500mm
Squareness Checking fixure
Dial/Digital Vernier upto 1000mm
Pistol Caliper
Depth Vernier up to 0-300mm
Pie ( O.D. Measuring) Tape up to 1000mm
Vernier Height Gauge up to 1500mm
Caliper Checker up to 600mm
Plunger Dial Gauges .
(Resolution.Of 0.01,0.001,0.002mm)
Plain Ring Gauge ( GO & NOGO) up to 200mm
Lever Dial Gauges .
(Resolution.Of 0.01,0.001,0.002mm)
Thread Ring Gauge (GO & NOGO ) up to 200mm
Slip Gauges (metric) (As Per IS:2984)
Thread Plug Gauge up to 200mm
0 ,I &II grade by comparison method.
Ford Cup
Special Large Slips up to 500mm
Test Sieves
Special Small Slips
Bevel Protractor
Bore Gauge with/without Dial Gauge
Combination Set
Dial Thickness Gauge
V Block
Mikrokator Dial Gauge
(Resolution Of 0.001,0.0005,&0.0002mm)
Radius Gauge
Plain Plug Gauges up to 250mm.
Pitch Gauge
Measuring Pin up to 20mm
Glass Scale up to 100mm
Measuring Tapes /Steel Scales .
Snap Gauge upto300mm
Dial Snap Gauge
( Resolution of 0.01 & 0.002mm)
Square Cylinder up to 600mm
Height Master (Height Micrometer ) up to 300mm
Uni - Master
Feeler Gauge
Sheet Thickness Gauge /Wire Gauge
Hegman Gauge